An Opportunity at The Vandoo


Vanier College’s student-run community paper, The Vandoo is looking for individuals who are interested in sharing their dedication and passion in helping to create a closer-knit community at York University through creating content. With a new academic year coming around soon, positions are open to all members of York University.

Founded in 1966, The Vandoo is one of York University’s longest-running community paper. Throughout the years, it has delivered information to the community thanks to dedicated students who work to see The Vandoo serve the community around it.

As such, The Vandoo has maintained a proud tradition of being staffed by students on a voluntary basis. This has led to members of the community shaping up The Vandoo each year to reflect the community spirit of Vanier College and York University at large.

Despite being threatened by the march of technology, The Vandoo has maintained its presence on paper. To adapt to the new form of content consumption, it has also expanded its reach through and through social media platforms.

In efforts to reshape The Vandoo to cater to changing reader habits, The Vandoo is offering positions to all members of York University:

  • Editors
  • Writers
  • Photographers
  • Layout Designer/Graphics Designer
  • Webmaster
  • Social Media Manager

Applications are accepted through