App of the Month: Carrot Rewards


This month’s app is all carrot, no stick – A free application that is offered on IOS and Android that allows user to collect points for specific loyalty cards. The app tracks the number of steps taken for staying active; as well as it asks the user a variety of health surveys to reward the user with loyalty cord points. The specific loyalty program that Carrot Rewards are linked with are Scene Points, Aeroplan Miles, or Petro-Canada Points.

Carrot Rewards utilizes less frequently used fitness apps that are downloaded on your mobile devices like Apple Health or Google Fit which will be used to track your steps. Carrot Rewards also allows you to merge your Fitbit or Apple Watch to record your steps remotely. The one downfall of the app is that it requires you to use your phones GPS.

The Carrot Reward will give users loyalty points as they meet a minimum average number of steps in a day. The average number of steps in the day is determined by the average amount of walking the Carrot user performs in a week. Each week’s target will change based on the aggregated amount walked in previous weeks or even the entire season.

The beauty is that the users of Carrot Rewards could earn even more points by completing bi-weekly challenges that are available to users. The user is compelled to meet the average amount of steps goal for 10 out of the 14 days over the 2-week period to meet the requirements to claim more points. As you complete more challenges it become harder to achieve future goals.

On the other hand, if you are looking to gain even more points, you can fill out health surveys that are available on the app. A few times a month, Carrot Rewards publishes surveys that user can do to gain more points towards their loyalty program. The surveys tend to be related to healthy living and educate the users about eating healthy, and staying physically fit.

Every few days, the application posts the points earned on the app. Carrot rewards then separates the points equally amongst each loyalty cards that you added to your account.

Along side of this interested fitness app, it even allows you to compare and share your step goals with other devices.


  • Chanel Qin