Calumet College Council’s Audit Report


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The audit is an annual procedure that is done through a third party company to
ensure that our college council is spending the levy received from York University
appropriately. Through this process, the auditors go through our expenses and ensure that
all expenses are validated with a supporting document (i.e. receipts, invoices, and meeting
minutes). All expenses must be approved by council, and must be used to provide athletic,
social, and community outreach programs for the college constituents. The audit is done to
ensure that all accounting is done properly and that no money has gone missing. At the end
of the annual audit, the auditors will provide recommendations on how to improve the
accounting and maintenance of funds to the college. The audit is a mandatory procedure
required by the university to prove that the college councils / clubs / organizations are being
responsible with the levy / moneys received so that the university will continue to provide

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