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Sat, Feb 24, 2018

Do you get the joke?

Writing is an integral part of university life as pineapple is on pizza! While some might chuckle at the thought of bringing up the pineapple-on-pizza argument, others might think...

App of the Month: Carrot Rewards

This month’s app is all carrot, no stick – A free application that is offered on IOS and Android that allows user to collect points for specific loyalty cards....
Photo of Riddle

“How much was lost?”: Riddles from the Internet

Like a calm sea wave on a warm sunny day at the beach, the internet periodically comes up with mind-boggling questions that stir up the entire online sphere. Except...

YorkU Perks: Office 365 and Unlimited Google Drive Storage

Imagine staying in a top-class hotel for the entire weekend only to hole up in your hotel room while paying for an all-inclusive deal. It’s a waste, right? Now...

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