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Wed, Mar 21, 2018

YorkU Perks: Office 365 and Unlimited Google Drive Storage

Imagine staying in a top-class hotel for the entire weekend only to hole up in your hotel room while paying for an all-inclusive deal. It’s a waste, right? Now...
Photo of Riddle

“How much was lost?”: Riddles from the Internet

Like a calm sea wave on a warm sunny day at the beach, the internet periodically comes up with mind-boggling questions that stir up the entire online sphere. Except...
Vanier College, Flag

“Wait, I’m in a College?” An Inevitable YorkU Student Question

Big isn’t always better, and in a university that consists of 53,000 (and counting) students, it’s hard to imagine a population the size of a small city to feel...

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Frosh Week

The thought of going to a huge university come September is enough to fill up your mind with questions and worries for the entire summer. With virtually everything leaning...

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