CUPE3903 Strike Update


CUPE3903 held their final offer meeting earlier today, and the results of the vote have been released. All three units have voted to reject York’s offer, and the membership motion to strike has passed.

Another motion to continue negotiations over the weekend has passed as well. Therefore, although a strike seems to be the most possible conclusion at the moment, a better offer might be given during the next two days.

Here is a summary of the key bargaining issues.

All Units

York did propose to increase the Extended Health Benefits Fund by $40,000, they refused to add funding to dental, vision, and paramedical care Also, York offers to increase the Childcare Fund by $60,000, and add another $10,000 a year to campus childcare facilities. However, “they refused a letter of intent to discuss the feasibility of childcare facilities at Glendon and Markham campuses.” With that, wages would increase by 2.1% in 2017, 2.2% in 2018, and 2.3% in 2019. York claims that this offer is better than what other Ontario Universities have offered their faculty.

Unit 1 (TAs)

York wants to be able to reduce the funding given to these members if “they receive large scholarships or other forms of additional funding.”

Unit 2 (contract faculty)

In the email that was sent out by York, they claim to want to create 8 full time positions every year for the next three years; 2 conversions to the tenure stream and 6 special renewable contracts. However, this does not satisfy the union because there used to be 8 conversions to the tenure stream in the previous contract. In relation to the renewable contracts “York appears to be offering a program that they have no power to apply in order to say that they have made movement on job security.”

Unit 3 (Graduate Assistance)

While graduate assistance get $10,000 per year, York did not offer an increase. Also, “the employer has suggested a Graduate Assistant Training (GAT) Fund of $60,000, which would allocate up to $2000 to a Principle Investigator to aid in hiring a Graduate Assistant.” This does not fix the issue of the fact that around 800 jobs were eliminated.

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