Do you get the joke?


Writing is an integral part of university life as pineapple is on pizza! While some might chuckle at the thought of bringing up the pineapple-on-pizza argument, others might think differently. But the fact that you are considering what others think about it is one step closer to being better at creating content—and being better as a social person.

How do I present this? No one is going to read your content if it’s unjustifiably long. Unless you’re writing an essay or a detailed blog entry, keep it concise and end it with a light tone. Just like in life, presentation is everything. Presentation controls people’s perception, and that is a powerful tool anyone can have.

Who is your audience? Ever tried cracking a humorous quip only to find blank faces around you? That’s relativity in action. People think in their own unique way and react in their own unique way. While presenting ideas effectively is one thing, understanding your audience is arguably just as important.

Who cares? Creating content is akin to a conversation between two people—the writer and the reader. If one person talks about something the other is not particularly interested at, it quickly becomes a one-sided conversation. What’s more, these kinds of conversations do not benefit either the listener (audience) or the talker (writer).

Overall, these key questions share a common theme: empathy. Simply trying to place yourself in the shoes of someone other than yourself is a step forward. These questions go beyond creating content, which is also invaluable in most social interactions. So, the next time you deliver that killer line, ask yourself if you must ask that dreaded question afterwards, “Do you get the joke?”