Home away from Home: York International’s 2018 Welcome Party


On January 17, 2018, York International hosted a welcome back party to start the new year off right for new and old members of the Global Peer Program.

The event was hosted at York Lanes, spanning roughly over two hours. This was a good time for connecting with new people and having fun with old friends. The event began with introductions from the main members at York International, such as Kelly Chen, the Global Connections assistant, and other members of her team. Students enjoyed interacting games, like the human knot, where a group of people where tangled together and one person broke everyone apart. This game broke the awkwardness lingering between some groups and students were soon talking about student life in York University and their home countries among other things.

The event was carefully catered to involve and interact with students along every step, so before pizza was served, a representative from each group had to play a trivia game for questions about York University. As each participant answered correctly, their group walked to the next to be served, cheering for their team along the way. Through pizza and cookies, students conversed about their country and culture, discovering intriguing things about themselves.

Alessandra started her degree in Psychology after moving from India. Now in her third year, she says York International helped her meet new people and allowed her to grow and face challenges of moving to a new country and university life. Her favourite motto that York International greets students is by “welcome to your new home”, York International has really become a second home for Alessandra and other international students trying to adapt to a new culture while focusing on their studies.

The welcome back party was a great success, with a decent turnout to serve the purpose of York International; making new friends. The night ended with raffle tickets for movies and trips provided by ISX and Scotia Bank, and a group photo of all the attendees. York International has social media accounts to keep students informed about upcoming events, such as Coffee Break (every Tuesday and Thursday) and important information regarding their degree and stay in Canada.

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