Line 1 extension: Convenience or an Extra Subway Ride for You?


TTC riders will soon see changes on their commute as the Line 1 subway extension opens to public usage by December 17, 2017. The subway extension extends Line 1 from Sheppard-West (formerly Downsview) Station all the way up to Highway 7, with Vaughan Metropolitan Centre as the terminal station.

Depending on the bus you currently take, your regular commute might be improved or slightly inconvenienced. Besides it changing the landscape of York University, the subway opening would also change bus service around the York University loop. According to TTC’s website:

“No buses will operate into York University Commons, but service will continue to operate around the York University campus.” (TTC Website)

In a statement through email, TTC Media Relations Stuart Green explains that “York University Commons was never designed to be a bus terminal.” Pioneer Village—the subway stop located north of the campus—will instead handle the bus traffic “to facilitate and expand the high volume of bus connections.” Green also notes that this course of action was done in consultation with York University administration to support the university’s “long term plan to pedestrianize the Commons.”

The changes that will soon take shape thanks to the subway extension garnered mixed reactions from York University students. “It’s an inconvenience because I now have to get off the bus and ride the subway; before the bus would stop in the middle of York and made it easy to get to class” says Menfes Kidus who takes the 199 bus.

“I’ll benefit by not having to wait for the 196 Express standing in line out in the cold and ending up standing on a crowded bus.” Says Kidus Yoseph who no longer has to take an extra bus to commute to York.

For more information on bus route changes, visit TTC’s website: