New Year’s App: Alarmy Clock


Getting up in the mornings is a fight for a lot of us students. With busy schedules, it’s not unusual for us to sleep through our alarm clocks in the morning. Studying late and waking up early in the morning can be recipe for disaster if you have something planned. The app of the month, Alarmy, is an IOS and Android application that is made to ensure you have an easy start to your day.

The typical alarm clock offers easy to touch buttons for turning off the alarm or snooze button. Alarmy takes away the convenience factor to prevent the user from falling asleep again.

Alarmy is used like any other alarm clock where you set the time you want to wake up, but it offers a newly added feature of the alarm system called ‘missions’. You have a selection of four missions, where each one of them are tasks that you must fulfill before you are able to turn the alarm off. One mission to forces you to solve three consecutive mathematical equations. Another is to shake the phone. The third is to scan a barcode/QR-code.

But nothing compares to its core feature, which gets you to take a photo on your phone. The photo cannot be random, it must be a specific location, or object in your house (bathroom, kitchen, sink, etc) that you have selected previously.

The ringer will continue to go off until you wake up, locate the object, or place you need to take a photo of and take it. The point of this mission is that once you stand up, and are forced to move around there is a good probability that you will stay awake.

Alongside these interesting aspects of the application, it does work like a regular default alarm clock. Alarmy also offers sleep music to be played for a set timeframe and gives daily news updates in an easy to use interface.

It is evident that this app is not for everybody. If you require a louder alarm clock, this wouldn’t really work. But it works great if you have a rough time staying up when your alarm goes off.