Next Stop: Transit Convenience


York Universityafter years of waitingfinally welcomes two new subway stations; the York University stop at the heart of Keele Campus (across from York Lanes and Accolade East Building) and the Pioneer Village stop at the north of the campus (Steeles Avenue). The extension to Line 1 welcomes six new subway stops; Downsview Park, Finch West, York University, Pioneer Village, Highway 407, and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and 8.6 kilometres of new track. While the construction began back in June 2011, with students and locals anticipating the arrival for several years, the $3.2 billion investment had an official opening on December 17, 2017, with free rides all day for passengers.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Kathleen Wynne inaugurated the first ride from Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station to York University at the official ribbon-cutting ceremony on December 15, 2017. In regard to the newest subway extension, Trudeau said: “Today, we are proud to join with our provincial and municipal partners to celebrate the long-awaited opening of the new subway line — a line that will improve the quality of life of hard-working people and their families across the GTA.”

The construction of the subway station greatly improved public transport for York University, welcoming changes to bus routes, such as the 196 York University Rocket bus route has been eliminated. The extension will result in an estimate of 36 million extra transit trips and eliminate 30 million car trips annually. To access more information on the changes of routes, visit the official TTC website. Other transits will continue to provide services; however, minor route changes can be reviewed at individual transportation service providers.

The York University subway station, designed by Foster + Partners, is an “architectural awakening”, not only beautifully designed but having key components equally charming. Boomeranged-shaped, the station has entrances on the south and north of the structure. The roof is an environmental feature, as its anodized aluminum panels reflect sunlight and absorb minimum heat.  Natural light flows through the glass panels, behind which are LCDs, a design by Jason Bruges Studio called the “Piston Effect”.  The glass panels are stunning view for passengers, but also serve as an environmental resource as limited electric sources are used.

Here are some ways you can use the newest edition of York University:

  • Visit friends from other Universities and Colleges
  • Eat at food places, even those you might have come across on Instagram or Facebook!
  • Discover events happening at Downtown year-long, such the light festival running from January 18 to March 11 at the Distillery District.


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