No Weekend Negotiations: Strike Imminent


York University administration and CUPE3903 are at a deadlock, as both sides accuse each other of not negotiating at the bargaining table.

York administration has accused CUPE3903 of not producing a counter-offer from their March 1 offer, which York administration labels as their “best offer which maintains [their] sector leading position”.

“At this time, the University has not received a counter-offer to our March 1 offer” reads a statement by York administration.

In the same statement, York administration admits to not returning to the bargaining table for the weekend as it believes it will not achieve anything at this point.

“CUPE 3903’s positions remain too far apart from our best offer to return to bargaining at this time.”

However, CUPE 3903 has claimed it has sent proposals in efforts to move the negotiating. “At 7pm on Friday March 2, our bargaining team sent the conciliator an email detailing the proposals to which we need to see improvements in order to reach a deal” says Maija Duncan, the union’s communications officer.

“To say that these were not counter-proposals is purely semantics in order to justify refusing to come to the table.”

With no negotiations over the weekend, York administration stresses its focus on minimizing the impact of the strike on students. “The University will remain open and classes that can continue will continue”, reads the statement.

The Senate’s Policy in an event of an strike however, guarantees that students who do not choose to cross picket lines are guaranteed no academic penalties and provided with “reasonable extensions of deadlines and to such other remedy”.

As departments and students alike are given the chance to choose to conduct and attend classes, respectively, it brings into question the logistics of tracking who did what after the strike.

“It will be chaos”, says Duncan. “Similar decisions in previous strikes show that York’s decision to attempt to keep classes open is terrible for students, who will have to figure out which classes are on and which are not.”

“Once the strike is over, [the university] has to manage two different timelines for the completion of the semester.”

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.