President and 5 Glendon Student Union Executives Resign Amidst Multiple Scandals


The President along with 5 other Glendon College Student Union (GCSU) executives reportedly made their letter of resignation public Friday, January 12, according to GL’s Student Voice.

Here’s the list of the GCSU executives who resigned:


  • Brandon Francis Cheong –            President
  • Cassandra Alvarez –                     VP Social Affairs
  • Keesha Nurse –                            VP Bilingual Affairs
  • Brandon Brown-Bear –                 VP Campaigns & Advocacy
  • Alexander Eckert Mackay –           VP Athletics
  • Frank Borrelli –                             Chief Financial Officer

Source: Glendon Student Voice

Simultaneous resignations. The simultaneous resignations come amidst allegations of sexual violence and financial mismanagement primarily involving Brandon Cheong, President of GCSU. GL’s Student Voice—a movement that demanded “the impeachment of the President for reasons including continual financial mismanagement and sexual violence”—has actively been calling to question GCSU’s recent reactions regarding the multiple scandals.

President’s Resignation Letter Source: GL Student Voice

“At present, the current attempts by members within and outside of the present council to delegitimize and distract from our work and formenting [sic] factionalism is untenable”, writes Cheong in his resignation letter.

“The conduct of this campaign and these individuals is nothing short of slanderous as they espouse and encourage misinformation”, Cheong adds.

The other resignation letters from the executives listed “toxic work environments” and “factionalism” as primary reasons for their resignation.

Prior to this incident, Vandoo News has requested a comment from GCSU, but stated in an email dated January 12 that they will soon be releasing “a public statement addressing the movement, as well as our next steps.”

What happens now?

With most of the executives of the GCSU resigning effective immediately, it’s unclear how the vacant positions will be filled, as per their constitution, the hiring committee “shall be composed of the President, the Vice President of Finance, and one member of the executive”, with both President and VP Finance—currently named CFO—resigned.

Stay tuned with Vandoo News, as this is a developing story.