Rage Dodgeball: The Art of Dipping, Diving, Ducking and Dodging


[One week later…]

York Intramurals held the 6th annual Rage Dodgeball tournament at the Tait McKenzie Athletic Centre on the evening of Friday November 10th. The event attracted a large attendance made up of a diverse set of teams. Some teams were in uniform, some teams were not. Some wore face paint, others wore masks. Some wore jerseys, others wore nothing at all. Of the variety of teams there was a common spirit: pride for the college they’re representing.

Upon of arrival, I saw a barrage of students leaving the building. As I walked into the gym, I saw more people in the corridor and the hallway. I thought that this cannot be a good sign, either I’m late or the event bombed. However, this was not the case. The Gym made the hallway and corridor look like the plains of Saskatchewan.

The speaker at the front had to compete with the DJ. He was telling the rules while a hundred or so students were dancing and talking about strategy with their team. I overheard one team say “just think of the free pizza,” and another declare how drunk he will be getting if they win. The speaker became frustrated and announced, “If you want to play dodgeball, be quiet!” The chatter died down, he called the captains to the front and the fun began.

Teams dispersed back to their settled territories and started warming up in their unique ways. Warm-ups consisted of stretching or sprinting to the nearest computer to hand in a midterm. Maybe that’s the implied rage in Rage Dodgeball. Ilya from Vanier affirmed my belief, he told me he’s here for the rage and to distract himself from upcoming exams. Syed seconded this telling me a night of dodgeball was for him to de-stress. Robel, on the other hand, said it’s the exact opposite. He agrees it is a distraction but knowing he is not writing exams is increasing his stress. But not all took the anti-midterm approach.

J.C from Stong College told me about the previous volleyball game against Ryerson. He emphasized the exciting atmosphere of the game and how it proves the York student pride for their school. He told me “We’re all York here. I’ll congratulate people who are here because they’re York students. We embody the inclusivity of York.” At the end of the day, he wants to win for Stong.

This is the perfect example of the pride of a York student. We value the institution, the faculty and our peers. If someone insults us with a poorly thought out rhyme about forks, we puff our chests and tell him proudly it was a choice. What’s unique however, is the students’ strong sense of bonding through their colleges. It makes sense because York is a massive school and colleges must unite the students through competition against other colleges.