Sports for Everyone! York University’s Intramurals


Whether you call it soccer or football, there’s always something for everyone! Along with all the other sports imaginable—from familiar basketball to google-search-worthy innertube basketball—each sport in York University’s intramurals is designed to develop stronger bonds through sports.

Occurring once per semester, different sets of sports run throughout the year. Most outdoor sports (e.g. soccer, flag football, Frisbee) happen during Fall while indoor and winter sports (e.g. ice hockey, futsal, curling) take place during Winter.

Aside from team sports, York University also offers individual and duo sports such as badminton and tennis. The presence of individual and team sports highlight York University’s dedication to get the community involved by offering plenty of options for everyone.

While sports are readily associated with competition, a tier system has been in place to cater to different preferences. For those who wish to play competitive, Tier 1 exists. On the other hand, Tier 2 caters to individuals who want to participate but don’t want to play in a competitive manner.

All sports are open to all members of the York University community, and incoming students are encouraged to participate through their colleges. Members of Vanier College can get more information at this link. Don’t know what colleges are? Click here to find out more.