Swipe Right for Events You Like: There’s an App for That!


“There’s an app for that!” comes the common retort whenever real-life problems require a digital solution. Three individuals from York University; David Kim, Jimmy Tang, and Jonathan Lam found a problem and provided a solution for Torontonians looking for things to do around the city. Socero, an app designed to get people out and about doing things that they enjoy breaks the common idea that apps = more screen time.

“We encourage people to go out more, to experience more in life and make interesting memories,” says Daniyal Anjum, a marketer from Socero. According to him, unlike social media apps, Socero is not meant to be checked all the time, highlighting the fact that the app encourages real-life, human interaction.

Socero’s selling point lies in its ease of use, with interface likened to a popular dating app that involves swiping left or right depending on the user’s preference. It also has a map feature that displays your current location and current events nearby.

“It’s more convenient than searching through Google or scrolling through Facebook.” While most people think of Google when faced with the unknown, events are much harder to search when you don’t know particularly what you are looking for. Meanwhile, Facebook has ‘Facebook Events’, but it’s missing out on events not on Facebook.

Realizing the present competition and facing the overarching question of ‘Why will people be interested?’, Anjum says that Socero differs itself from others with its ability to learn from its user’s habits through a method called machine-learning.

“The more you use Socero, the better it gets,” says Anjum pertaining to machine-learning as a tool in improving user experience.

Anjum, when asked for what his sales pitch would look liked, explained that he doesn’t have one. Instead, a value proposition, “Would you go out more if you [knew] about every single thing happening? The answer is almost always yes.”