The Golden Age of Netflix Television


The Golden Age of Netflix Television

You’re at home, got your comfy clothes on and all your snacks are ready. Then, you sit down and think, what show do I watch tonight? We all know that the process of choosing can take as long as a movie. In that case, let me narrow down the choices for you. Here is a list of shows that I found educating and inspiring. If you are worried about not finding an interest within this list, worry not. This list involves a variety of genres, ranging from thriller to comedy, which means you are bound to love one, or if you’re like me, ALL.

Welcome to the golden age of Netflix TV series. As you have noticed, during the past few years, Netflix has been excelling tremendously when it comes to their television series. With more and more members piling up, Netflix is growing into a bigger industry than we know it. Netflix has become our best friend, helping us laugh, cry, and relax when we need to the most, which is why I know that every person has dealt with this dilemma.

Disclaimer: All ratings below the show name are from Rotten Tomatoes.

  1. Dear White People (2017)

Rating: 100%

Dear White People is about a predominantly white Ivy League college, involving a group of students from Winchester University who are faced with forms of racism and discrimination by other fellow students. Throughout the series, the show uses satire and honesty to shed light on problematic issues such as the use of blackface, whitewashing, cultural appropriation and many more. All of which still prevail in our society today.

The main character, Samantha White, on the cover image of Dear White People

2. Master of None (2015 –)

Rating: 100%

Remember Tom from Parks and Recreation? Remember Aziz Ansari, the beloved comedian? Well, if you are a fan of both, you will definitely enjoy Ansari’s show, Master of NoneMaster of None is about the personal and professional life of a New York based actor named Dev. This hilarious comedy speaks about issues such as religion, sexuality, misogyny, Asian representation and many more.

The main character, Dev, on the cover photo of Master of None

3. Supergirl (2015 –)

Rating: 97%

Surprise! Superman has a cousin and her name is Supergirl. When planet Krypton is set for destruction, Kara Zor El is sent to Earth by her parents in order to start a new life. On Earth, she is protected by her foster family, the Danvers, and learns to hide her incredible power. Now living in National City, she lives a normal life as a personal assistant to the media queen Cat Grant. However, when her sister Alex is caught in an incident, Kara Danvers is forced to use her powers to save her sister and those with her. Thus, Supergirl is born and Kara Danvers must learn to balance her personal life with her heroic life. This show successfully incorporates feminism and the LGBTQ community.

Kara Danvers/Supergirl on the cover of Supergirl

4. Black Mirror (2011 –)

Rating: 96%

What would happen if technology took over? What if the world was ruled and controlled by the digital age?  In Black Mirror, we see the answers to these questions come to life. Black Mirror offers us a futuristic look of a life that is critically dictated by technology and media. Black Mirror is about individual dramas of different people that invoke feelings of suspense, insanity, paranoia or all three.

Cover photo of Black Mirror

5. Orange Is the New Black (2013 –)

Rating: 92%

Once upon a time, Piper Chapman used to be a normal woman living in New York with her fiancé. However, when her past catches up to her, she is sent to a women’s prison in Connecticut for her involvement in a drug case 10 years ago. Chapman must adapt to the prison lifestyle and make friends with the most erratic people she could meet. This show is full of laughs, drama and wildness which will leave you wanting more. Similar to Supergirl, this show incorporates feminism, the LGBTQ community, the issue of white supremacy, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The cast of Orange Is The New Black

6. The Fosters (2013 –)

Rating: 92%

Need a new show your kids could relate to? The Fosters would be the one. This modern show is about the close family of Lena and Stef Foster, a principle and police officer living in California. Their family includes Stef’s biological son, Brandon, and adopted twins, Mariana and Jesus. When the couple meets Callie and Jude, their lives are instantly changed and they become dedicated to improving the lives of these young children.

The cover photo of The Fosters

With this diverse selection of shows, I am positive you will find a show that will keep your eyes on the screen, your hand on the popcorn and your butt to the chair. Happy watching!