Thinking about Running? Vanier Council Elections Need-to-Know


Vanier College Council’s election is just around the corner, and with it come questions from students who are interested in participating in the process. To help give prospective candidates an idea of Vanier College Council, the Vandoo has compiled questions for those considering running for council to steer would-be candidates in the right direction.

What is the process of running for a council position?

“In running for council, one must decide what it is they would like to contribute to Vanier college and if they have the time, dedication, and discipline to do what is necessary for the college”, says Caryl Munzara, Chief Returning officer of Vanier College Council.

While all Vanier College students are welcome to run for VCC as a general member, all potential candidates have to be nominated prior to being considered a candidate for the elections.

“[Candidates] need to acquire a sufficient amount of Vanier affiliated signatures as well as fill out all of the required information in the package” says Munzara. Nomination runs this week, which started February 26 and ends March 2. Munzara also noted that nomination packages but be submitted to Munzara or any current council member by 4:00pm on Friday, March 2.

“In addition [candidates] must attend the All Candidates Meeting where they will receive further information about the next phase (i.e. campaigning, and voting periods)” notes Munzara. This meeting will take place Friday

What are the right reasons to run?

Vanier College is one of the largest colleges at York University, with an estimated population of about 8,000 students. Current and potential members of Vanier College Council (VCC) are bound by the council’s constitution—an 80-page document detailing council roles and portfolios, rules, and all relevant laws—and ultimately answer to the constituents (students). Yes, it is serious!

“It is the student government primarily aimed to enrich the lives and educational experience of Vanier students”, says Issa Abdi Jamaa, an executive member of the current council.

While the social aspect of council is one that is easily seen, much of the grunt-work is done behind the scenes, with weekly meetings and planning happening on an ongoing basis.

“Although council seems like a walk in the park, there is a lot of work that happens behind closed doors in order to serve the constituents effectively.” Says Kidus Yoseph, a current member of Vanier Council

What is an ideal candidate?

While there is no clear-cut answer to this question, there are certain expectations and skills required for taking on a council role, as all positions in council have leadership roles and responsibilities.

“A candidate should be an independent thinker but willing to work with fellow Council members, not being afraid to take personal responsibility for getting the job done”, says Issa Jamaa. He also believes that further qualifications are a good work ethic, adaptability to change, and a positive attitude on everything.

Furthermore, given certain roles and responsibilities throughout the year, time-management skills and learning what to prioritize throughout the year is key—as academics take priority.

Important Dates to Remember:

Nomination period: Monday, February 26 – Friday March 2 at 4pm

Campaign period: Monday, March 5 – Friday March 9 at 5pm

Debate: To be announced

Voting Period: Monday March 12 – Friday March 16 at 5pm.

Note: In an event of a labour strike occurring by members of CUPE 3903, dates are subject to change. Contact the CRO for more information.


Editor’s Note: The Vandoo is Vanier College’s Newspaper and is a media instrument of Vanier College Council.