Vanier College Formal… What’s That?


With the month of March comes Formal season, a time where colleges across York University plan out a special night to end the school year with friends and familiar faces.

What exactly is Formal?

The world ‘Formal’ quickly becomes vague when you refer from the official meaning. It’s one of those words where certain people can only know through narrations from friends who have attended prior formals.

Even a quick Google search won’t get you far. Like majority of university experiences, word-of-mouth and first-hand experiences remains to be the best guides.

“Formal is one of those events that you do not want to miss out on”, says Christine Nieto, the VP Social & Cultural of Vanier College Council (VCC). “It’s a time when we all get to celebrate and reminisce the amazing year we’ve had together”.

Why Come to VANIER’s Formal?

While all colleges around York University have their own formals, any Vanier student would tell you how much fun they’ve had at formals.

“Vanier formal isn’t just a get-together, it’s a celebration for the successful year we’ve had. It’s a dinner with friends who have become more like family and a time to relax”, says Sami Dessuky, Director Social & Cultural of VCC.

“My first formal was really fun! I went into it with a lot of my friends that I met during frosh that I hadn’t seen in a long time” says Christine Nieto.

All students of York University are welcome to attend—and could even bring friends not from York. Like any major social gatherings in university, bringing friends along is welcome and even encouraged.

“[Formal] gave me the chance to have dinner with my athletics team, spend some good time with people who I thought drastically changed my university experience,” says Sami Dessuky.

How do I Join Vanier’s Formal?

All students from York University are welcome to purchase tickets through Vanier College Council, located at 120 Vanier College.

As stated in the posters, the pricing is:

$ 30 Vanier/ Alumni

$ 35 Non-Vanier (York University student)

$ 45 Non-York

Vanier’s formal is happening on March 23rd from 6pm to 1am at Paradise Banquet Hall. For more information, visit the Facebook event page: