“Wait, I’m in a College?” An Inevitable YorkU Student Question


Big isn’t always better, and in a university that consists of 53,000 (and counting) students, it’s hard to imagine a population the size of a small city to feel like a community. To top that off, York University is known as a ‘commuter university’, with majority of people living outside campus. So, here’s where colleges get in the picture.

“Your college is your home base while at York… a place where you can attend social activities, get academic help, work, and volunteer”, says the York University website. It’s a way to divide up the student population into smaller segments to develop a sense of community around those with the same college affiliation.

Each student upon enrollment has a pre-set college affiliation defined either by your program or your residence—if you live on campus. This is done to better acquaint you to people with similar programs or those who live on the same residence, respectively. York University currently has 9 colleges, namely:

  • Bethune College
  • Calumet College
  • Founders College
  • Glendon College
  • McLaughlin College
  • New College
  • Stong College
  • Vanier College
  • Winters College

(Source: http://colleges.yorku.ca/)

Each college hosts different programs, and you can learn more about each college by checking out colleges.yorku.ca. If you don’t know which college you are affiliated to, here’s a convenient list of programs and their college affiliation. Colleges play a big role in your involvement at York University. Whether it is participating in the intramurals, attending social events, or simply just seeing familiar faces around you, colleges are designed to give you that experience.

For incoming students, each college has its own frosh week. Vanier College, (The Vandoo’s college) is hosting frosh week for students for all incoming Vanier-affiliated students. If you haven’t heard about frosh week or don’t know what it is, this link is worth checking out!