YorkU Perks: Office 365 and Unlimited Google Drive Storage


Imagine staying in a top-class hotel for the entire weekend only to hole up in your hotel room while paying for an all-inclusive deal. It’s a waste, right? Now imagine doing that for a year, maybe four. Translate that hypothetical hotel to York University and that all-inclusive deal to your tuition payments. While the comparison might be absurd, the action remains the same: Students are wasting resources by not taking advantage of the perks that are being funded by tuition money.

Office 365 Subscription for All. “Microsoft is making Office 365 ProPlus free and available to all currently active full- and part-time YorkU students, staff and faculty,” says the YorkU IT Department. That’s a subscription valued at $182 a year! This subscription entails Microsoft Office products that automatically update to the latest versions, meaning that you get all the features Microsoft offers. What’s more, it can be installed for up to 5 devices. More information is found at this link.

Unlimited Google Drive Storage. When Google says it’s unlimited, it is indeed unlimited. You now have the chance to consolidate all your files, photos, backups, in one big cloud without worrying about exceeding the storage limits or losing files. This feature comes included with your Yorku email account, meaning there’s no extra setup. The only downside? You can’t tell your professor that your dog ate your homework anymore.

While not everyone needs or wants certain perks and benefits that come with being a YorkU student, it’s important to be aware of what you are entitled to with your tuition. Share this article to help your friends! They might thank you for it… unless of course their dog ate their homework.